Posted 06/12/2019

6 Ways to Pick A Tradie

WHETHER you're doing a full renovation, or just need the toilet unclogged, finding a good tradesman can be a job in itself. Who do you call?  How long do you need them for?  The more complex the job the more qualified your expert needs to be.  I

Make sure they’re qualified. 

This is a no brainer.  Ensure you check that the contractor that is accredited by trusted industry bodies.  We check this for you on Pick A Tradie before we list them so you can be sure that you supplier is qualified at the time of listing.  However still double check.  Many say they can do with qualification, however you leave yourself open to an opportunity of not getting the job done the way it should be done.


I  would be asking your friends and family for recommendations and feedback on tradies they’ve used. Negative feedback is as valuable as positive and it helps you sort the wheat from the chaff.  Speak to the tradie’s former or current clients to be sure they’re up to the job. Find out about their skill level and work ethic.  


Time is valuable to everyone.  By all means get a couple of quotes for the job, if you have a fair idea of what the job should cost this is a quideline for you.  If you have someone that is referred to you and you are happy with the quote and timing then just go with that.

Ensure the quote has the contractor's details on it eg ABN, licence number and include GST and time frame so there is no confusion.

If you need to get more than one quote, make sure you don’t have any scheduling conflicts. Having two tradies turn up at the same time isn’t a good look.

Shop around. 

Source quotes from two to three contractors, especially for bigger jobs. Around $60 to $90 per hour is a normal rate range.

Ensure the contract is in writing. 

A good contract makes it more likely the job will be completed as described, on budget and on time.

Be a good client

Tradie / client relationships are a two way street. If you’re not properly prepared, it’ll cost you more, frustrate the people you’re hiring and may unnecessarily sour the whole experience.  Be clear about what you want, be contactable when required and realise that changing your mind halfway through the job will likely add time and cost.

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