Posted 18/11/2019

11 Ways To Get Your Home Winter-Proof

You might not be ready for winter, but your home should be! Below are 11 ways to keep your home warm and safe this winter. 



1. Blinds 
Open your blinds during the day to take advantage of the winter sun. This is the easiest way to let in some natural heat and doesn't cost a cent. If you want to invest in roller blinds, you can use them all year round. Just like the ads say, keeps your home warm in winter and heat out in summer!

2.  Oven Cooking and Baking
After your winter roast is done, leave the oven open to take advantage of the excess heat. The oven will radiate heat into your home at no extra cost to your heating bill, genius!


3. Heaters
Make sure to check your heating is working efficiently, this includes cleaning and even replacing filters and vents. Cleaning each season will help to remove the build-up of dust and allergens and keep your home fresh.


4. Draughts and leaks
Make sure to check for any draughts and leaks that could cause more problems. Leaks obviously can cause a lot of damage during the wet season. Draughts can add to the cost of your electricity bills if they're letting cold air in! Make sure to check around windows and doors and cracks in the ceiling. 


5. Insulation
Insulation is important in every home. Effective insulation can mean a comfortable home in winter. If you have been in your home for a while, look into replacing or upgrading the insulation in the roof or walls.

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